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2. Contribution of Western and Indian Sociologists - Class 11

2. Contribution of Western and Indian Sociologists


1. (A) Complete the following statements by 
choosing the correct alternative given in 
the bracket and rewrite it. 
(1) The Industrial Revolution took place in 
 (North America, Europe, Australia)
(2) Science is based on ____. 

 (beliefs, facts, guess work)
(3) Significant work has been done on kinship 
organisation in India, by female sociologist 
 (Iravati Karve, Suma Chitnis, Neera 
(4) The ____ stage of societal growth is 
characterised by explanations which are

abstract but not God-centered. (Theological, 
Metaphysical, Positive)
1. (B) Correct the incorrect pair and rewrite it.
(1) (i) Abdul Rahman Ibn-Khaldun - North 
(ii) Auguste Comte - France 
(iii) Harriet Martineau - England 
(iv) Karl Marx - Russia 
1. (C) Identify the appropriate term from the 
given options in the box and rewrite it 
against the given statement. 
 Polarization, M. N. Srinivas, 
R. N. Mukherjee
(1) Marx argues that classes will become 
hostile towards each other.
(2) The Indian sociologist who coined the 
term westernization. 
1. (D) Correct underlined words and complete 
the statement.
(1) The stage of society where empirical 
evidence forms the basis for explanation is 
the Theological stage.
(2) The book ‘Le Suicide’ was written by 
2. Write short notes.
(1) Contribution of G. S. Ghurye to Indian 
(2) Types of suicide according to Durkheim
3. Write differences.
(1) Theological stage and Positive stage
(2) Anomic suicide and Altruistic suicide
4. State whether the following statements 
are True or False with reasons.
(1) According to Marx, capitalism gives rise 
to we feeling among workers. 
(2) Iravati Karve has made significant 
contribution to the study of Kinship in 
5. Complete the concept map.
6. Give your personal response.
(1) Do you think globalization has led to 
polarization of classes? Discuss with 
relevant examples of your own.
(2) Do you think kinship bonds are weakening? 
Give reasons for your response.
7. Answer the following question in detail. 
(About 150 words)
 You have studied about Comte’s Law of 
Three Stages of human thought. With 
reference to the first and third stage, 
comment on the challenges it poses for 
Indian society.


Prepare a Poster Exhibition or PPT 
(10-15 slides) on the Impact of the 
following on human society: (i) The 
contribution of sociologists (ii) 
Contributions of women sociologists 
(iii) Problem of Teen Suicide/ Farmers’ 
Suicide in the present age and the 
social causes of it.

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